GSP Detection and your workplace

By | Fire & Environment Safety

The Merlin GSP range of gas detection panels offer a level of flexibility rarely found in this size of unit and for this low expense. The GSP 4 will allow you to test for high ambient levels of four separate gas types in up to four zones or areas, that said, you can make the zones or areas fairly large by adding sensors of the same type in-line on the same circuit. The GSP 1 is an affordable way to check for one type of gas in one zone or area for instance CO2 in an IT Lab or CO in a factory space. Whatever gas you are checking for and whether you are protecting your staff or premises the GSP range of gas detection panels has everything you need in one easy to install unit.

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The Merlin CT2000S Kitchen Interlock

By | Kitchen Interlock

The Merlin 2000S Ventilation Interlock system is specifically designed for use in commercial kitchens when wholesale nfl jerseys the appliance DO NOT have in built flame failure devices fitted, therefore gas pressure proving is essential. The Merlin 2000S acts as an interlock between the ventilation system and the Aside gas solenoid supply valve. The system is compatible with both current monitors and air pressure switches allowing for monitoring of up to GSP four fans. The Merlin 2000s also boasts a new ad CO2 Mode which allows 1000S the kitchen to have access to the gas supply for 24hrs in the event of a fan fault as long as they have the CO2 monitor fitted and the air quality in the kitchen is at a safe level. Read More

Merlin 1000S An Engineers Guide

By | Laboratory Control

The Merlin 1000 range of Educational Laboratory Utility Control panels allow the utilities in the classroom to be controlled by the teacher whilst incorporating safety functions to protect building and life. The Teacher can decide which utilities are available to the class before or during a lesson and safely shut off the utilities via remote EM to stop buttons placed around the room. The Merlin 1000 range also has the Gas Pressure Proving function which firstly makes sure that the gas circuit is safe from leaks and has closed taps and secondly continuously checking for pressure drops. By adding additional sensors the Merlin 1000 range can also check for high levels of CO2 or CO in the classroom.

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By | Industry News

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