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Build A Gas Detection System

We have grouped our gas detection systems, detectors & ancillaries available to provide the perfect solution to your project

Gas Detection & Ventilation Control Systems

We have a range of gas detection & ventilation control systems for all project types

Gas Detectors

Various gas detectors available, powered from an AGS controller or as a standalone unit

Ancillary Products

Audible Alarm Strobes, Emergency Shut Off Buttons, Valves & Various Other Products

AGS Controllers – Gas Detection, Ventilation Control & Emergency Shutdown

MerlinGuard Gas Detection & Ventilation Controller with MODBUS compatibility (Max 16 detectors)
MerlinGuard REVIT File
MerlinGuard Spec Sheet
Engineer Written Specification
CAD – PDF File
CAD – DWG File
Merlin GDPX+ Gas Pressure Proving, Gas Detection & Gas Shut Off System with MODBUS compatibility (Max 16 detectors)
CAD – DWG File
CAD – PDF File
Engineer Written Specification

AGS GDPX+ Spec Sheet
AGS GDPX+ User & Installation Guide

AGS Gas Detectors 

Natural Gas, Carbon Monoxide, LPG, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen & Oxygen Defiency/Enrichment

AGS Ancillaries – Gas Solenoid Valves, Emergency Buttons & Audible Alarm Strobes