Code Specific Gas Boiler Control

For Texas / Florida / Georgia Safety Codes


Science Laboratory Utility Control

Utility Controllers for Laboratories in Schools, Colleges & Universities
Protecting Children, Students, Staff & buildings from Gas Leaks


Commercial Kitchen Protection

Gas Ventilation Interlocks in Commercial Kitchens
Protecting Staff from Gas Leaks & Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Boiler Room Safety

The AGS range of Gas Detection Panels can be
customized to meet your needs, using a range of detection sensors.


Is your Laboratory, Commercial Kitchen or Commercial Building at risk?

Hazardous Gas Leaks

Detection of Gas Leaks, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Natural Gas Detection, LPG Gas Detection.

Our Systems Meet UL Spec

· UL 61010-1, 3rd Edition, 2012-04-17
· CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1, 3rd Edition, 2012-04
· IEC 61010-1:2010, 3rd Edition


All our systems meet and exceed NFPA & ICC standards. Legislation put in place for new or refurbished Gas work.

Consultants & Architects

We are experienced in supporting consultants and helping them find the right equipment quickly and at the right price.

American Gas Safety are here to help...

AGS – Introducing Gas Safety to America!


The Merlin range from AGS – Ventilation, Interlock & Pressure Proving Protection.

Laboratory Utility Controllers

Gas Shut off Systems to provide Teacher Control, Protect the Building out of hours and most importantly ensures the safety of Children & Students.

View Lab Control

Mechanical Room/Boiler Room Protection

Gas Detection range to provide Gas Shut off in the event of Gas Leaks or Fire Alarm. All of our safety systems will protect the building 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

Mechanical Room/Boiler Room Protection

Kitchen Interlock

Systems ensure the ventilation is running before Gas can be introduced into the kitchen. To prevent the build-up of Carbon Monoxide this can be inhaled by kitchen staff.

View Kitchen Interlock

Thanks again to AGS for looking after us so well, the units arrived on time and were super easy to install. Chris looked after us really well and it was a joy to work with him.

Dave Lloyd - All Services South Florida

We have recently installed the Mini Merlin in a local boiler room to provide carbon monoxide & natural gas protection, what a fantastic product! Quick and easy installation, we will be ordering again soon.

Tom Edwards - Mechanical Pacific

I just wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation, Chris certainly got us out of a tight spot. The new panels arrived when he said they would and his tech advice over the phone to the installation engineer was fantastic. It’s great to get the personal touch in this day and age.

Carol Enders - Electric and Gas, Gainsville

Thanks again to AGS for the quick delivery of the 1000SW+ gas pressure proving panels & valves. The laboratories are now protected from gas leaks and the teachers have full control over the laboratory utilities. The gas pressure proving feature should be in every school, it's a great product.

Tom Jackson - Clarke Electrical