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School vandalism is becoming more and more of a concern in rural areas. Once an issue for the inner city’s this trouble-sum problem is spreading to the more vulnerable and less guarded rural high schools. Hard to anticipate and even harder to protect from, vandalism is a real concern. Its aftermath causes distress to both pupils and educators alike and can cause actual bodily harm when the vandalism in question damages the schools infrastructure. The cost can be heavy both in mental anguish and in dollars. Preventing the cost of the damage to infrastructure escalating and preventing the vandalism causing even further delays to teaching is a priority when deciding on classroom utility controls. Making sure a broken pipe or smashed control box does not lead to school wide shut down and further damage through leakage is paramount. Stopping a hour long vandalism spree causing a month long shutdown is of uttermost importance.


The Merlin 1000sw+ utility control will automatically shut down the classroom’s utilities overnight even if the attendant forgets to turn them off. A built in adjustable time-out function allows for the utilities to shut down after 2, 5 or 8 hours and can be overridden if plans change. The Merlin 1000sw+ also tests the incoming gas supply whilst the gas valve is open and if the pressure drops below 12mb for more than 10secs the gas valve will be shut.

Combining these special safety functions with the units connectivity to existing  building controls and fire alarms makes the Merlin 1000sw+ hard not to specify. It protects the educator, the pupils and the school itself. Even when schools not in session the Merlin 1000sw+ is working to protect all.

For more information about the Merlin range of utility controls see our website American Gas Safety or call the office on (727)608-4375 where one of our sales team will be more than willing to help.