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Having a product in your arsenal that can satisfy many of your occupational dilemmas is a godsend. Saving you from having to drive back to the wholesaler. Where you know it will take at least half an hour to get served and that’s if they have what you need in stock. Turning your productive and efficient day into a headache and losing you valuable time and money.

The Merlin GSP range of gas detection panels has it all. Neatly wrapped up in one simple package is a Nat Gas detector with audible alarm and external alarm activation. Coupled with switching options to turn off incoming gas supplies or signalling external building management controls and fire alarms and with the ability to add on thermal links (heat sensors).

With a simple change of the  detecting sensor you can change a boiler house fire safety device into a classroom CO2 safety panel. Or take a factory work site CO detector and change it into a nursing home kitchen environment safety cutoff.


Its all in a days work for the Merlin GSP range of panels. Available in one, two and four zone models labelled PCB connections for easy installation and with one solenoid output and one 24v output for emergency beacons. Additional EM stops can be added in circuit to cover a larger area and give over ride functions to more users.

The Merlin GSP range of gas detection panels is a robust and reliable solution for a number of locations where the detection of gas is a high priority.

There is even a FAB1 panel which when used in conjunction with a Merlin GSP detection panel will allow the user to temporarily bypass the gas isolation. This feature is handy when  a fire alarm test is regularly carried out and the shut off of gas to boilers and heaters is not desirable. Or in the case of a fire station, when the alarm sounds the GSP panel can shut off the gas to the kitchen stopping human error from leaving burners on, the FAB1 panel can temporarily over ride the shut off to continue the operation of the kitchen.

Having the Merlin GSP range of gas detection panels already in your van can and will save you trips to the wholesaler and it will also save you having to buy additional devices to perform the same tasks. Starting from $445.00 plus tax you really can’t go wrong. Call our sale department on (727)608-4375 or see our website for more details American Gas Safety