Fire House Protection

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American Gas Safety protects many environments with its modern solutions for gas safety. One such environment which you may not recognize as requiring such a level of safety is your local fire house. Turns out the guys and gals who spend their time protecting us need that little bit of security and safety built into their working environments.
Here’s the scenario; Team A is busy prepping work gear and generally preparing themselves for a long shift at the fire house. Someone is cooking the team’s meal, a nice hearty fuel enriched stew on the gas range in the kitchen.
The fire alarm annunciation signal goes off, everyone springs into action, with only the safety of the general public on their minds. Did someone forget to turn off the gas stove?


It happens much more often then you would think, but fires in fire houses is not uncommon. The Merlin range of gas safety and isolation panels has a solution.

The Merlin 1000Si and 1000S+i are perfect for this situation. Allowing key lock authority over the gas supply to the kitchen and auto shut down of that supply if and when the fire alarm annunciation signal is live. Coupled with detectors and remote knock off buttons we can protect the personnel whilst they go about protecting us.

We have created a CAD file to demonstrate the Merlin system and to form a basis for specification, the CAD file can be viewed at

Link the Merlin 1000Si or 1000S+i to a lockable knock off button or the Merlin CT500s and you can control and protect the stations outdoor grill with the same system.



For more information regarding the Fire House protection solution from AGS please contact your local representative. Tel: (727)608-4375

I’m Ready For My Close-Up

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Today saw the filming of our new demonstration video get underway. The team took stills and video of a new installation near our headquarters and the final cut should be available at the beginning of May.

This is another example of how AGS listens to it’s partners and how we take feedback on board. It was decided that a promotional video for the Utility Control range would be of benefit to our representatives both as a demonstration tool and also as a training tool. Getting our message of gas safety in classrooms to more customers across the nation, faster than ever.

Merlin 1000SW+

Merlin 1000SW+

Once the final video is available it will be posted on our YouTube page and Twitter account for all to see. The video will give a brief history of the company and the range, the unique safety features and an in depth explanation of the pressure test function. Hopefully answering many common questions and providing another layer of confidence in the specifying engineer.


For more information on the Merlin Utility Control range visit our website at call the office on (727)608-4375

70 Children Poisoned by CO

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Once again we are reminded of the dangers of CO poisoning. 70 Children and their teachers harmed by the buildup of CO in their classrooms. The faulty appliance or flue is still yet to be determined, but with readings of over 200ppm at the time of evacuation they are all lucky to get out without any long term serious effects.

Read the full article here:


Phil Velasquez / Chicago Tribune

American Gas Safety has adaptable solutions for detecting CO, all with built in connectivity to sound alarms, shut off gas and fuel supplies, interact with BMS and BAS systems.

This is why we are here, to protect our children, families and communities from harmful gases.

For more information check out the website at:

Or call the Sales Solutions team at (727)608-4375

SEU Health Sciences

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Last week Lee (President), and Chris (Business Development Manager) visited the completed site at South Eastern University’s Health Science Building in Lakeland, FL.
During their visit they commissioned five newly installed Merlin 1000SW+ Classroom Utility Controls. On site were Jack McGowan  of Hunt Construction an Aecom Company and Shawn Miler from Q ans Q Inc an ESOP Company. The units are protecting the science labs and preparation room for the new science building. State of the art science labs with he full protection of the Merlin 1000SW+ control.


Lee and Chris also demonstrated the units capabilities to the facilities team led by Joe Colton.


The guys had some great feedback and are more than happy with the installation. Q and Q Inc did a fantastic job and Jack mentioned how he was very satisfied with both the product and the service he received during the project. Joe and his team are now up to date with the functionality of the panel and are looking to have one of their team trained at the AGS offices in Clearwater.


We would like to take this time to thank Gabriel Coello at OCI Associates, Inc. for putting us forward as an alternative.  Thanks again to Billy and Shawn from Q and Q, Inc. and our thanks go out to Jack for his professionalism throughout this project. It was a real pleasure to work with all of you.



For more information regarding the Merlin 1000 range of classroom utility control units or any of the American Gas Safety product line please call the sales office on (727)-608-4375 or email


We Are Mass Approved

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We have formally been notified that the Merlin range of Gas Safety products have been approved by the Board of State Examiners of Plumbers and Gas Fitters. A division of the Professional Licensure Boards of the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We would like to thank the Board for there help in granting us this approval. We hope to be specified very shortly and can now move forward with future submittals.


To find the product in the online system follow this link.

All the products are listed under Gas, except for the 1000SW+ which is listed under Gas and Plumbing.

For information regarding the Merlin range of Gas Safety Solutions or for information about your local sales rep please call the team on (727)-608-4375 or email




ITW David Speer Academy

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American Gas Safety is proud to announce the installation of four Merlin 1000SW+ Lab Utility Control panels. The panels will now protect the students and educators at the new ITW David Speer Academy in Chicago. The ITW David Speer Academy will be Noble’s first STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) campus among its network of 16 campuses. The doors will open this February to 300 students in the City of Chicago.  Speer Academy will focus on preparing students to graduate college with STEM degrees to meet our work force’s demands.


The Merlin 1000SW+ have been placed in the academy’s four science classrooms and will control the Gas and Water supplies. The Merlin panels were not only chosen for their modern digital design and ease of use, but also because they were easy to procure and install, saving the contractors time and money. Read More

Gas Safety Solutions for a Modern World

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Choose a Merlin Panel Today and Help Bring Safety to America

 American Gas Safety is becoming the US and Canada’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of gas safety products. We specialize in gas ventilation interlock systems for use in commercial kitchens. We also manufacture a range of gas pressure proving systems for school laboratories and gas detection and isolation systems for commercial boiler rooms. American Gas Safety has over three decades of experience in the gas industry and has become the trusted name to provide gas safety and installation solutions to the commercial market. Our fully-qualified engineers and designers keep up to date with industry practices and developments, adhering to all building codes and health and safety requirements. Therefore our customers can feel assured that the solutions we are providing along with the technical backup are second to none. Read More

Adaptable by Design

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One of the best things about the Merlin 1000S system is it’s adaptable use. Once it is understood that it is basically a gas isolation panel with a built in pressure test facility the applications for it’s use multiply.


The latest application we have come across is the new trend for restaurant fire pits. Using the Merlin 1000S you can give the restaurant a lockable control panel for the fire pit. Allowing only authorized staff to operate the gas supply. The panel will check that the control tap is in the closed position before allowing the gas to be supplied. The Merlin 1000S also continually tests the incoming supply pressure to make sure the flame can not be blown out be gusts of wind. The ability to knock of the gas via a EM stop button is linked in and any number of remote buttons can be added. Read More

Big Chill

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It’s that time of year again. The wind has changed direction and with it comes the frost and the snow. It maybe early this year and it may have taken you by surprise but now is the time to act. Get your boiler serviced, check you flue for blockages and protect yourself and your family from unforeseen dangers. Read More

Danger Lurks Underground!

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About every other day over the past decade, a gas leak in the United States has destroyed property, hurt someone or killed someone, a USA TODAY Network investigation finds. The most destructive blasts have killed at least 135 people, injured 600 and caused $2 billion in damages since 2004.

For the full article please visit

Now we can’t stop gas leaks but we do have a panel to detect Natural gas. Our GSP range of panels will detect up to four gas’ or gas in up to four zones. The unit also detect heat and can protect your boiler room / building by isolating the main gas supply via a solenoid valve.

If you have a boiler room you can protect it from gas leaks, fire, high CO2 or CO all from one compact and durable panel. Check out our website for more info or call our sales office on (727)-608-4375