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All American Gas Safety panels have built in connectivity. Let’s take a look at how this helps the mechanical engineer when specifying a classroom utility control.

The Merlin 1000SW+ which controls Gas, Water and Electricity whilst also testing the gas pressure before and during operation has built in connectivity allowing the panel to communicate with the schools BMS and has connections for the buildings existing fire alarm system. The panel can either tell the BMS that the gas is “ON” or “OFF” or with the flick of a switch on the internal control panel it can tell the BMS that the panel has gone into “Alarm” or “shutdown” mode due to low pressure, high concentrations of CO2, gas leak detected or that an EM stop has been actuated.

This connectivity allows for centralized control and monitoring of the classrooms. The new or existing fire alarm can also be wired into the Manual EM stop connection to shutdown the gas supply and other utilities in case of a fire alarm situation. The water and electricity can be designated to stay on after an alarm situation or in shutdown mode. This allows for functions such as eye wash facilities to stay on if the design so requires.

American Gas Safety has also added the connectivity to its range of CO2 Monitors. These can work in conjunction with a Merlin 1000SW+ panel or be stand alone units. The CO2 Monitors use a NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared Detector) gas sensor so do not need on site calibration and should last for +20yrs. The units also display the ambient temperature. Both the CO2 alarm level and the temperature can be signaled to a BMS system.

For more information on the Merlin 1000SW+ or the CO2 Monitor please call (727)-608-4375 or see our website at