Explosion reported in NW Portland; 8 injured, including 3 firefighters

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On October 19th, a huge explosion has been reported from a restaurant in Portland that has destroyed the building and surrounding properties! This has apparently been ignited by a natural gas leak, ripping through a building on Wednesday along the popular Northwest 23rd Avenue shopping district, causing destruction and injuring eight people, including three firefighters, authorities said.

This could have been prevented by installing or specifying a Gas Safety system. Our Merlin controllers will detect any Methane leaks and it will also not allow gas into the restaurant without the exhaust hood running. The Merlin 1500S and 2000S are perfect for this situation. Allowing key lock authority over the gas supply to the kitchen and auto shut down of the supply if and when dangerous levels of Methane is present. Plus, in the event of a fire can be linked into the Ansul system and Fire Alarm.
2000S AGS (2)

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Official article – http://s.oregonlive.com/ev8owaP

We Are Mass Approved

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We have formally been notified that the Merlin range of Gas Safety products have been approved by the Board of State Examiners of Plumbers and Gas Fitters. A division of the Professional Licensure Boards of the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We would like to thank the Board for there help in granting us this approval. We hope to be specified very shortly and can now move forward with future submittals.


To find the product in the online system follow this link. http://license.reg.state.ma.us/pubLic/pl_products/pb_pre_form.asp

All the products are listed under Gas, except for the 1000SW+ which is listed under Gas and Plumbing.

For information regarding the Merlin range of Gas Safety Solutions or for information about your local sales rep please call the team on (727)-608-4375 or email info@americangassafety.com




Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning within a Commercial Kitchen

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The commercial kitchen is a hazardous area that should be monitored for both toxic and combustible gas hazards. Whether natural gas or propane is used for combustion, a variety of cooking equipment (e.g. stoves, grills and fryers) present a constant flammable danger to workers. In addition, carbon monoxide (CO), the byproduct of incomplete combustion, can be present at unsafe levels. Over the last twenty years, standards for CO monitoring have been developed, with first-alarm levels typically set at 25-35 parts per million.


Today more rigorous standards for gas monitoring are being developed; those driving regulatory change vary by state but include many: building inspectors, consulting engineers, insurance adjustors, fire marshals, and life safety experts. More legislation is inevitable in light of the sobering statistic that 25% of all fatalities in commercial buildings are due to carbon monoxide poisoning. What’s problematic is, CO is odorless, so rising CO levels are difficult to detect by humans. According to medical research, just 0.1% CO in the atmosphere can adversely affect concentration. At 2% CO levels, breathing reduces to about 50% of the normal rate. Once levels rise to 5-10% people quickly become confused and can lapse into unconsciousness. Read More

Gas Safety Solutions for a Modern World

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Choose a Merlin Panel Today and Help Bring Safety to America

 American Gas Safety is becoming the US and Canada’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of gas safety products. We specialize in gas ventilation interlock systems for use in commercial kitchens. We also manufacture a range of gas pressure proving systems for school laboratories and gas detection and isolation systems for commercial boiler rooms. American Gas Safety has over three decades of experience in the gas industry and has become the trusted name to provide gas safety and installation solutions to the commercial market. Our fully-qualified engineers and designers keep up to date with industry practices and developments, adhering to all building codes and health and safety requirements. Therefore our customers can feel assured that the solutions we are providing along with the technical backup are second to none. Read More

Adaptable by Design

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One of the best things about the Merlin 1000S system is it’s adaptable use. Once it is understood that it is basically a gas isolation panel with a built in pressure test facility the applications for it’s use multiply.


The latest application we have come across is the new trend for restaurant fire pits. Using the Merlin 1000S you can give the restaurant a lockable control panel for the fire pit. Allowing only authorized staff to operate the gas supply. The panel will check that the control tap is in the closed position before allowing the gas to be supplied. The Merlin 1000S also continually tests the incoming supply pressure to make sure the flame can not be blown out be gusts of wind. The ability to knock of the gas via a EM stop button is linked in and any number of remote buttons can be added. Read More

The Merlin CT2000S Kitchen Interlock

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The Merlin 2000S Ventilation Interlock system is specifically designed for use in commercial kitchens when wholesale nfl jerseys the appliance DO NOT have in built flame failure devices fitted, therefore gas pressure proving is essential. The Merlin 2000S acts as an interlock between the ventilation system and the Aside gas solenoid supply valve. The system is compatible with both current monitors and air pressure switches allowing for monitoring of up to GSP four fans. The Merlin 2000s also boasts a new ad CO2 Mode which allows 1000S the kitchen to have access to the gas supply for 24hrs in the event of a fan fault as long as they have the CO2 monitor fitted and the air quality in the kitchen is at a safe level. Read More