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Choose a Merlin Panel Today and Help Bring Safety to America

 American Gas Safety is becoming the US and Canada’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of gas safety products. We specialize in gas ventilation interlock systems for use in commercial kitchens. We also manufacture a range of gas pressure proving systems for school laboratories and gas detection and isolation systems for commercial boiler rooms. American Gas Safety has over three decades of experience in the gas industry and has become the trusted name to provide gas safety and installation solutions to the commercial market. Our fully-qualified engineers and designers keep up to date with industry practices and developments, adhering to all building codes and health and safety requirements. Therefore our customers can feel assured that the solutions we are providing along with the technical backup are second to none.

American Gas Safety has designed the Merlin range of products to be easy to specify. Through our research we have identified the parameters which most effect engineers, contractors and the end users. Coupling this with our engineering experience and modern digital components we have delivered a product range that not only satisfies all parties involved in the supply chain but also in a cost-effective manner.

American gas safety was built upon integrity and dedication. We strive to empower our customers with the tools required to move their projects forward. We offer additional services along with our Merlin range of products to save our partners time and expense. We offer to supply all the necessary valves and ancillary products to create a complete system as well as creating job specific wiring diagrams. Site visits and product training are also available for the contractor and end user. We are so confident in the quality and durability of our products that we now offer a 3yr warranty as standard.

Our expertly trained sales team is available to help with technical inquiries as well as logistical queries and safety solutions. Their goal is to become part of your team for the duration of your project, from design and installation to procurement and operation.



AGS Panels & Equipment. Engineered For Peace of Mind


Kitchen Interlocks.

Ventilation Interlock combined with Gas Pressure Proving.

American Gas Safety manufactures two models of kitchen interlocks. Both units interlock with up to 4 fans via differential switches mounted in the duct work or current monitors installed before the fan speed control. The Merlin 1500S is for kitchens where appliances already have flame failure devices installed and the Merlin 2000S utilizes gas pressure proving for appliances without flame failure devices. Both units also have a unique CO2 mode which allows the appliances to run for 24hrs in the event of a fan failure. All of the Merlin range of products have been designed with added connectivity and adaptable parameters.

Boiler Rooms.

Gas Detection and Isolation

After detecting high levels of the selected gas the Merlin GDP range of panels will signal a solenoid valve to shut off the fuel supply to the boilers and simultaneously raise the alarm. With built in connectivity to existing fire alarms and 2 stage alarms the GDP range is a very cost effect way to protect any environment. Sensors available include CO, CO2, Methane and LPG.

Educational Science Labs.

Utility Control Panel combined with Gas Pressure Proving.

The Merlin 1000 range of utility controllers provides full control of the classrooms utilities to the educator. The unit is easily the best in class. Modern digital components and clever design technics combine to produce a unit which is not only cost effective but that also offers a higher level of security and safety for the educator, the students and the building. The Merlin 1000 range comes in three models, Gas only, Gas and Electrics, and Gas, Electricity and Water. Packed with built in connectivity and added safety features each unit is easy to install and lends itself to renovation projects and new builds alike. With clear LED status display and touch sensitive controls the unit is very easy to operate and understand. All of the Merlin range of products are UL certified and come with the standard AGS three year warranty.


Quality in Design.

We endeavor to design and manufacture our product ranges to be easy to specify, easy to install and easy to operate. We have included such design elements as labelled PCB boards, snap fit connectors, detachable data cables, clear and precise LED displays and wipe clean NEMA 2 enclosures. All this coupled with our commitment to expert technical assistance and support provides an appealing package at an affordable cost.


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