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Only a few weeks until the doors open at the AHR Show! American Gas Safety will be promoting its full range of Merlin Gas Safety Systems. Our new exhibition stand will be located in the in the South Hall on Stand number 6774.


The new interactive exhibition stand will have fully operational systems displaying how the systems detects and protects Commercial Buildings, Staff, Students and Children from Gas leaks. We will provide you with how simple our systems are to install, commission and operate by staff. Plus we are looking to advise why you should be installing our range of Gas safety Systems throughout Boiler Rooms, Class Rooms and Commercial Kitchens.

Any consultants visiting the stand will be provided with full technical brochures detailing the benefits of specifying the AGS systems. Also we are looking for Manufacturer Representatives to pop on the stand to discuss the advantages of having the Merlin Range on your product line.


We look forward to seeing you on the day and if you have any questions or would like to book in a time to meet us please don’t hesitate to call (727)-608-4375 or email