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One of the best things about the Merlin 1000S system is it’s adaptable use. Once it is understood that it is basically a gas isolation panel with a built in pressure test facility the applications for it’s use multiply.


The latest application we have come across is the new trend for restaurant fire pits. Using the Merlin 1000S you can give the restaurant a lockable control panel for the fire pit. Allowing only authorized staff to operate the gas supply. The panel will check that the control tap is in the closed position before allowing the gas to be supplied. The Merlin 1000S also continually tests the incoming supply pressure to make sure the flame can not be blown out be gusts of wind. The ability to knock of the gas via a EM stop button is linked in and any number of remote buttons can be added.

There are other built in safety features which can be exploited. A time out function would work well in this scenario, taking into account human error the panel can be automatically shut down after 2, 4 or 8 hours. Easily adjusted on the rear of the fascia panel. The panel also has a connection for building management systems and can take signals from existing fire alarms.

All the Merlin 1000 range can be used for other purposes than that which we designed them for. That’s the beauty of the design. Easily changeable parameters on the rear of the fascia panel and a bundle of features make the Merlin range very adaptable. We have used the 1000SW+ (gas, water and electricity) panel for whole building control. The 1000S has also been used for boiler room control. Adding the gas detection sensors and the CO2 sensors really build a formidable safety system.

If you have gas supplied to your building we have a solution to protect your building and it’s inhabitants. Call us for more information on (727)-608-4375 or see the website for more solutions