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It’s that time of year again. The wind has changed direction and with it comes the frost and the snow. It maybe early this year and it may have taken you by surprise but now is the time to act. Get your boiler serviced, check you flue for blockages and protect yourself and your family from unforeseen dangers.
When you don’t use your boiler for more than a few months dust and debris can build up on the burners causing unsafe conditions. Flues can be blocked by falling leaves and even snow.
You can protect yourself even further with the installation of a GSP2 gas detection and isolation panel from American Gas Safety. The GSP2 not only detects and warns of high levels of the chosen gas, it also isolates the gas supply to the hazardous equipment.
The GSP2 can detect CO, CO2, Nat and LPG gas along with high temperature and at only a few hundred dollars its a very cost effective way to protect you, your building and your family.

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