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Remember those hot and humid days at school, where your eyelids felt heavy and you couldn’t concentrate. I used to blame it on the boring old teacher, or the fact it was such a hot day outside. Well now we know different.  Hundreds of studies have investigated the effects of bad ventilation in classrooms and the effect on student school work performance.

sleeping kids
See link for more info. Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Most studies tend to concentrate on the CFM (cubic feet per minute) of the ventilation, or ACH (air changes per hour). But what are they changing out? What is being ventilated away from the students?We now know that the lethargic feelings we all had at one point or another at school were and are actually the first signs of Carbon Dioxide effecting our bodies and our brains. Studies show that with a ACH in a classroom of 8.1 had an effect of faster reactions (5.4%)  than a classroom with only 2.6 ACH. (

CO2 is bad news and can not only effect the performance of our children but also attendance levels and attitudes towards attending. This can also lead to a monetary effect for the school losing funding due to bad exam performance and low attendance records.

Traditionally the established remedy for this situation would be to install large, expensive and noisy air flow meters to calculate the ACH or CFM. We can now combat exactly the same issues with CO2 Monitors. Which are much more inexpensive, easy to situate and give the teacher a clear and precise reading of the level of CO2 in the classroom.

The main advantages of using the AGS CO2 Monitor above industry standard detectors are, reliable digital sensors which require no on-site set up or recalibration, easy to read traffic light code system to alert the user to the condition of the CO2 level, easy to install and easy to use. The American Gas Safety CO2 Monitor is a stand alone monitor but can be combined with any of the Merlin range of classroom utility controllers. This allows the system to shut off gas supplies, turn on fans and even signal the buildings fire alarm system in the event of high detected CO2 levels. The combined system can also test for high levels of CO, Nat Gas, LPG and Methane. All at affordable prices and covered by a three year warranty.

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