Merlin AGS Timed Gas Controller

ON/OFF Control With Scheduled Timed Supply

For this solution the AGSPGT7M provides a 7-day digital timed operation schedule over the AGSTGC and the AGSTGC provides local timed ON/OFF control over gas features through a solenoid valve. Only when the AGSPGT7M is activated within the daily timed parameters, will the AGSTGC be able to open the solenoid valve / electrical power supply. If either the AGSTGC controller is in alarm condition, is OFF or the AGSPGT7M digital timer is OFF, gas will not flow to the features.

110VAC or 24VAC/DC output to gas solenoid valves or an electrical power supply. Each controller has a selectable time out function built-in via internal dip switches, for 30min, 1hrs, 2hrs or 3hrs. When the timer has reached the owner’s selected setting, the front LED will flash to warn user of the time out.

The AGSTGC is manufactured in a modern polycarbonate enclosure which provides protection from damage. The AGSTGC is designed to replace contractor constructed solutions for timed supply and panic shutdown, incorporating a crucial reset of the timed supply after a panic shutdown.

For further information on this solution please see downloads tab for CAD drawings & solution sheets.

• Automatic Control Over Gas
• 110V ac or 24V ac/dc Power Supply
• Manual Reset After Alarm Condition
• Inputs Available From Remote Panic Buttons & Fire Alarms
• Modern & Compact Design
• Four Time Delay Options – 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours
• Adaptable Utility Output For Grills/Features & Heaters – 110V ac or 24V ac/dc
• Easily wall mounted and labeled PCB
• Height –  5.95 inch / Width –  4.37 inch / Depth –  1.97 inch
• Covered by American Gas Safety LLC 3 Year Warranty

AGSTGCFMWP Spec Sheet – Flush Mount Weatherproof Type
AGSTGCWMWP Spec Sheet – Wall Mount Weatherproof Type