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Emergency Gas Shutdown Solution

Manual Shutdown Relay

AGS Emergency Gas Shutdown

This is your basic set up for manual emergency gas shutdown in a variety of applications.

The AGS emergency shutoff buttons are rated for increased longevity, reliability, and consistency. The buttons will de-energize the normally closed gas solenoid valves for immediate isolation of the gas supply. The buttons are equipped with a manual reset twist-release mechanism to ensure the fuel supply remains off until the emergency condition clears. The AGS gas solenoid valves (AGSGSV) are normally closed, and UL listed as an emergency fuel gas shutoff valve. For more information on the various options available please visit the downloads tab at the bottom of the page or alternatively contact our offices today.

Popular Applications

  • Outdoor Amenity Areas
  • Boiler Rooms
  • Industrial Spaces
  • Laboratories
  • Commercial Kitchens