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This year’s AHR EXPO wholesale jerseys was held at the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan and our lucky lads Steve and Lee were available to attend, although they almost didn’t make it. The show coincided with one of the worst winter storms of cheap jerseys the year with a polar vortex shifting down from its usual position around the North Pole to somewhere near Chicago. This left D’Art the guys stranded in the air above JFK airport whilst ground crew struggled to clear the runways. So after an 6 hour flight the guys had to wait in the air for another hour, their ordeal wasn’t over. When they tried to leave the airport and head to their hotel they were confronted with the mess and confusion a giant storm brings with it. New York had shut down, it took 4 hours to get a shuttle bus wholesale nfl jerseys to down town Manhattan.

After this disastrous start the guys were glad to find a lot of people had MuhmadEmad made it and the show was a big success, they enjoyed meeting people from manufactures such as Hemco  the laboratory planning solution people, Jeffeson’s the valve manufacturer, ACI the switch people and many others alike.

The Closure guys left with a really good feeling for the Merlin range, both that it had been received well and that there wasn’t much in the market to compete with the modern design and functionality of the Merlin range of gas safety systems.

We look forward to next year cheap jerseys and hope that the weather isn’t as bad so that more people can take advantage of the largest HVAC convention in the world.