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The Merlin GSP range of gas detection panels offer a level of flexibility rarely found in this size of unit and for this low expense. The GSP 4 will allow you to test for high ambient levels of four separate gas types in up to four zones or areas, that said, you can make the zones or areas fairly large by adding sensors of the same type in-line on the same circuit. The GSP 1 is an affordable way to check for one type of gas in one zone or area for instance CO2 in an IT Lab or CO in a factory space. Whatever gas you are checking for and whether you are protecting your staff or premises the GSP range of gas detection panels has everything you need in one easy to install unit.

The main design function of the GSP range was primarily for the protection of the “Boiler House”, historically designed to protect the building from fire or CO2 build up with the ability to raise the alarm and shut off the gas supply, but with the design of the modern digital detection sensor the GSP range has evolved into a highly flexible workhorse with simple configuration and easy to install PCB boards it has become an engineer’s favourite.

The GSP range of detection panels have clear, easy to understand status LED’s, audible alarms and built in EM stop buttons, it also features connections for additional EM stop buttons, connections to existing fire alarms and Building Management Systems as well as the various sensors.

Check out the website for more technical info or give the sales team a call with any questions.