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The Merlin 2000S Ventilation Interlock system is specifically designed for use in commercial kitchens when wholesale nfl jerseys the appliance DO NOT have in built flame failure devices fitted, therefore gas pressure proving is essential. The Merlin 2000S acts as an interlock between the ventilation system and the Aside gas solenoid supply valve. The system is compatible with both current monitors and air pressure switches allowing for monitoring of up to GSP four fans. The Merlin 2000s also boasts a new ad CO2 Mode which allows 1000S the kitchen to have access to the gas supply for 24hrs in the event of a fan fault as long as they have the CO2 monitor fitted and the air quality in the kitchen is at a safe level. We introduced this function because we are aware of the instances and practices of the commercial kitchen trade and want our units to not only protect the staff and building but to not hinder profit making wholesale nfl jerseys process of the título establishment. The Merlin 2000S can also work in conjunction with natural gas, ダイエット中は、ついつい甘いものを食べたくなってしまい carbon monoxide and LPG sensors.

Ventilation interlock ensures the wholesale nfl jerseys supply gas solenoid cannot be opened until the fans connected to the panel are operating at a level which will sufficiently extérieur  ventilate the Kitchen. If at any time the fan fails a signal will be sent to close the gas supply solenoid and the panel will read “Fan Fault” and the LED relating to the fan that has failed with illuminate.

The gas pressure proving is carried out using our digital gas pressure transducer fitted directly onto the downstream port of the gas supply solenoid valve negating any need for out dated AHR systems including extra fittings or mechanical / dual transducers.

If the Merlin 2000S detects a drop in the gas pressure or a gas leak, within 30 seconds start up period, the gas supply solenoid will not be allowed to open and the panel will show “Test Fail”. If the gas line is found to be sound the panel will allow the gas supply solenoid to open and will show “Gas On”. If the incoming gas pressure drops below 12mb’s (0.18PSI) for more than 10seconds the gas valve will shut and the panel will show cheap nba jerseys “pressure low”

Check out the website for more technical information or give the sales team a call.