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AGS gas safety systems are installed at the Wynn casino in Boston. The Casino is a 2.4 billion dollar project and our control panels are protecting over 15 of the restaurant kitchen areas from exposure to harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, which according to statistics is the cause of 400 deaths per year on average.

The system installed is the Merlin 1500S system, which ensures the kitchens are up to local code by providing the CO (carbon monoxide) interlock for the gas supply. If the fans are not running or not running efficiently enough to expel harmful gases from the kitchen area; the AGS 1500S system shall alarm, shut off the gas supply and inform the BMS or Fire Alarm panel of a High CO alarm condition. This requirement not only protects the health of workers in the kitchen and the well being of guest at the resort, it also proves that the fan interlock exists in the Kitchen and that interlock is working correctly and that the fans are supplying and extracting the correct amount of air.

The Merlin 1500S system also has the ability to continuously monitor the kitchen fans with either an Air Flow Switch device or a Current Monitoring device to determine that the fans are running. AGS gas interlock systems ensure that only authorized personal can have access to the gas supply, ensure that the fans are operating correctly and with the addition of remote detectors we can provide protection from gas leaks and high concentrations of CO or CO2.  The Merlin system also has added features for connectivity to the fire alarm system, BMS and fire suppression systems.

All of this functionality comes as standard and is highly adaptable to different design requirements, provide in a UL certified package that is available off the shelf.

We would like to thank our partners on this project, most notably E. M. Duggan Inc for their continued support and our local representatives Emerson Swan, Inc.


If you require fan interlocking & carbon monoxide protection in your premises and would like further information on the AGS solutions, please do not hesitate to contact AGS, the leading manufacturer of gas safety.