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Multiple AGS utility controllers are being fitted out in the University of California’s state of the art science classrooms.       


The five-story building with 125,000 square feet of laboratories is expected to be completed by fall of 2018 at a cost of $150 million. Our Merlin utility controllers not only provide educator authority, but protect the students and the building out of hours using built-in time out functions. With the master key in the ‘Off’ position, there is limited damage or harm which can be caused when all the utilities are isolated.

The system installed is our Merlin 1000Si, which controls the Gas utility within the science laboratories. This system has built in connectivity allowing the panel to communicate with the schools BMS and has connections for the buildings existing fire alarm system. The panel can either tell the BMS that the gas is “ON” or “OFF” with the flick of a switch on the internal control panel. The 1000Si can also tell the BMS that the panel has gone into “Alarm”, high concentrations of CO2, gas leak detected or that an EM stop has been actuated. An example of our AGS utility controller is pictured below:


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