Merlin 500S Panel Drug Testing Lab

Designed to comply with the Department of Transportation (DOT) 49 CFR 40.43 – Subpart D

The Merlin 500S provides keyed ON/OFF supply of water via a 110VAC water solenoid valve, or an electrical power supply for drug testing spaces such as restrooms and laboratories. The 500S has a fascia mounted emergency shut off button fitted as standard and the fascia mounted LEDs give simple and concise information to the operator.

The Merlin 500S is manufactured in a modern polycarbonate enclosure which provides protection from damage. The 500S is designed to replace contractor constructed solutions for panic shutdown, incorporating a crucial reset of the timed supply after a panic shutdown.

The Merlin 500S is simple to fit with little maintenance required and is covered by the full support that comes with the entire range of Merlin products.

• Easy to install – The use of clearly marked PCB connections, low voltage wiring and push-fit wiring connections makes the 500S very simple to install.
• BMS & Fire Alarm connection
• Will accept remote and EPO buttons
• Clear LED display for system indications
• Covered by American Gas Safety 3-year warranty

• Height – 4.4 inch
• Width – 6.4 inch
• Depth – 2.4 inch