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AGS can provide guidance with regards the safe use of solid fuel appliances – such as Smokers, Charcoal grills, Wood-fired pizza ovens etc within a commercial kitchen. It is our concern mainly with the risks associated with exposure to carbon monoxide gas. The risk to workers is well known but there have also been reports of carbon monoxide exposure involving members of the public. These cases involved exposure whilst dining and in residential properties neighboring commercial catering premises using solid fuel appliances.



We want to provide a solution to help restaurant owners protect members of the public as well as their workers. When solid fuel is burned, products of combustion, including carbon monoxide gas, are released. Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas with no taste, smell or color. Moderate exposure can lead to serious permanent ill-health effects or death. Children, pregnant women, smokers and people with heart or breathing problems are particularly at risk. The early signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are similar to common ailments such as flu or upset stomach, but can escalate very quickly. Symptoms can include: Headache; Abdominal pain; Nausea/vomiting; Chest pains; Breathlessness; Dizziness; Collapse. 

Charcoal Oven

Here at American Gas Safety we have a number of products to protect staff from the exposure of carbon monoxide within the commercial kitchen environment. We supply and manufacture Carbon Monoxide alarms, exhaust fan activation, visual Carbon Dioxide traffic light indication and much more. Please email or call our team at AGS for any further information or call (727)-608-4375