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The commercial kitchen is a hazardous area that should be monitored for both toxic and combustible gas hazards. Whether propane or methane is used for combustion, a variety of cooking equipment present a constant flammable danger to workers. In addition to this, carbon monoxide, the by-product of incomplete combustion, can be present at unsafe levels. Without the exhaust fan in operation, you are exposing yourself to carbon monoxide, a gas that on average kills around 150 people per year according to the CPSC.

In a working environment you have a duty of care for all your employees’, so their safety and wellbeing should be the top priority. The law is very clear on who is responsible should the unthinkable happen.

commercial_kitchen_exhaust_systemAmerican Gas Safety has developed a system that ensures the Exhaust Fan is in operation before allowing gas to be released to the cooking appliances. Our system continuously monitors the exhaust fan with either an Air Flow Switch or a Current Monitoring device to determine there is voltage going up to the fan. By using one of our gas interlock systems, this will prevent the chef or staff member from cooking until the fan is operational, resulting in a safer working environment.

2000SFor extra safety, the Merlin system also has connections for Carbon Monoxide Detection, Methane Detection, LPG Detection, Carbon Dioxide Sensing and Remote Emergency Gas Shut off. The Merlin system also has added features for links to fire alarms and ansul systems.

Please click on the link below from more details and please don’t  hesitate to call the team on (727)-608-4375 or email if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.