Wynn Casino Boston now protected by American Gas Safety

AGS are now the approved supplier for the gas safety systems to be installed at the Wynn casino in Boston. The Casino is a 2.4 billion dollar project and our control panels are protecting over 15 of the restaurant kitchen areas from exposure to harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, which according to statistics is the cause of 400 deaths per year on average.

The system to be installed is the Merlin 1500S fan interlocking system, which ensures the Exhaust Fan is in operation before allowing gas to be released to the cooking appliances by means of a gas solenoid valve. Our system continuously monitors the exhaust fan with either an Air Flow Switch or a Current Monitoring device to determine there is voltage going up to the fan. By using one of our gas interlock systems, this will prevent the chef or staff member from cooking until the fan is operational, resulting in a safer working environment. For extra safety, the Merlin system also has connections for Carbon Monoxide Detection, Methane Detection, LPG Detection, Carbon Dioxide Sensing and Remote Emergency Gas Shut off. The Merlin system also has added features for links to fire alarms and ansul systems.

If you require fan interlocking & carbon monoxide protection in your premises or would like any further information on our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact AGS, the leading manufacturer of gas safety safety.


Please see our website for our gas safety solutions  www.americangassafety.com or alternatively contact us on info@americangassafety.com.