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Family Business taking American Gas Safety from strength to strength!

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For a family business, more than any other, values are the connective tissue the source of your success, your commitment, and your longevity. They bring power to a business, helping to assure you resolve any conflicts and strengthen operations through the natural act of passing down a legacy. When AGS first started, myself and parents wanted to ensure that our family values spread throughout our representatives.

When identifying the perfect fit for us we had no idea just how many family business we would bring on board. 90% of our reps are family businesses and we consider them the driving force of our future.

The success of the business will ensure the future of the next generation. Below is a pic of our CEO Steve, Vice President Sue and my 3 month old daughter Brontë.

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Wynn Casino Boston now protected by American Gas Safety

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AGS are now the approved supplier for the gas safety systems to be installed at the Wynn casino in Boston. The Casino is a 2.4 billion dollar project and our control panels are protecting over 15 of the restaurant kitchen areas from exposure to harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, which according to statistics is the cause of 400 deaths per year on average.

The system to be installed is the Merlin 1500S fan interlocking system, which ensures the Exhaust Fan is in operation before allowing gas to be released to the cooking appliances by means of a gas solenoid valve. Our system continuously monitors the exhaust fan with either an Air Flow Switch or a Current Monitoring device to determine there is voltage going up to the fan. By using one of our gas interlock systems, this will prevent the chef or staff member from cooking until the fan is operational, resulting in a safer working environment. For extra safety, the Merlin system also has connections for Carbon Monoxide Detection, Methane Detection, LPG Detection, Carbon Dioxide Sensing and Remote Emergency Gas Shut off. The Merlin system also has added features for links to fire alarms and ansul systems.

If you require fan interlocking & carbon monoxide protection in your premises or would like any further information on our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact AGS, the leading manufacturer of gas safety safety.


Please see our website for our gas safety solutions or alternatively contact us on

The University of California is now protected with our Merlin Utility Controllers

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Multiple AGS utility controllers are being fitted out in the University of California’s state of the art science classrooms.       


The five-story building with 125,000 square feet of laboratories is expected to be completed by fall of 2018 at a cost of $150 million. Our Merlin utility controllers not only provide educator authority, but protect the students and the building out of hours using built-in time out functions. With the master key in the ‘Off’ position, there is limited damage or harm which can be caused when all the utilities are isolated.

The system installed is our Merlin 1000Si, which controls the Gas utility within the science laboratories. This system has built in connectivity allowing the panel to communicate with the schools BMS and has connections for the buildings existing fire alarm system. The panel can either tell the BMS that the gas is “ON” or “OFF” with the flick of a switch on the internal control panel. The 1000Si can also tell the BMS that the panel has gone into “Alarm”, high concentrations of CO2, gas leak detected or that an EM stop has been actuated. An example of our AGS utility controller is pictured below:


For further information on our Merlin range of utility controllers or if you are currently  looking at any commercial projects, please see our website or alternatively contact us on

America’s Test Kitchen cooking show protected from the dangers of CO

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America’s Test Kitchen is the most watched cooking show on public television – more than 2 million viewers tune in each week – and in January 2017, America’s Test Kitchen will launch its 17th season with hosts Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison. Bridget and Julia have been fixtures on the show from the very beginning, sharing their cooking skills and deep knowledge of food with viewers over the hundred of recipes they’ve prepared on air as tests cooks. Now, they’re heading into the test kitchen to bring you equipment reviews, taste tests, and recipes for the home cook.

They moved this summer to a new state of the art studios in Boston, MA and AGS is now protecting their 55 professional test cooks from the dangers of CO.

If you require carbon monoxide protection in your premises please do not hesitate to contact AGS, the leading manufacturer of gas safety systems in America. or call (727)-608-4375.


Gas Safety Solutions for a Modern World

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Choose a Merlin Panel Today and Help Bring Safety to America

 American Gas Safety is becoming the US and Canada’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of gas safety products. We specialize in gas ventilation interlock systems for use in commercial kitchens. We also manufacture a range of gas pressure proving systems for school laboratories and gas detection and isolation systems for commercial boiler rooms. American Gas Safety has over three decades of experience in the gas industry and has become the trusted name to provide gas safety and installation solutions to the commercial market. Our fully-qualified engineers and designers keep up to date with industry practices and developments, adhering to all building codes and health and safety requirements. Therefore our customers can feel assured that the solutions we are providing along with the technical backup are second to none. Read More

Danger Lurks Underground!

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About every other day over the past decade, a gas leak in the United States has destroyed property, hurt someone or killed someone, a USA TODAY Network investigation finds. The most destructive blasts have killed at least 135 people, injured 600 and caused $2 billion in damages since 2004.

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Now we can’t stop gas leaks but we do have a panel to detect Natural gas. Our GSP range of panels will detect up to four gas’ or gas in up to four zones. The unit also detect heat and can protect your boiler room / building by isolating the main gas supply via a solenoid valve.

If you have a boiler room you can protect it from gas leaks, fire, high CO2 or CO all from one compact and durable panel. Check out our website for more info or call our sales office on (727)-608-4375


Add me to your calendar !

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ASPE annual expo is this September 22nd – 23rd 2014 in Chicago. Celebrating 50 years of ASPE. This years expo is set to one of the biggest not just because of the extra celebratory activities but also because of the regional opportunities in the Chicago area. Earn almost one year’s worth of CEUs for your CPD re-certification whilst learning about new products. The expo brings together plumbing engineers, designers, specifiers, and contractors can learn about the latest plumbing products, services, and design techniques. Read More

NSTA Boston 2014

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Last week saw the NSTA National Conference roll in to Boston. Offering teachers and educators the latest in science content, teaching strategy, and research to enhance and expand their professional growth. Along with the exhibit hall there were workshops and educational sessions, celebrity talks and renowned speakers sharing their knowledge.

Mayim Bialik from “Big Bang Theory” fame opened the show with her talk on the power of one teacher, her story of how she was inspired to enter science. Bill Nye “the science guy” spoke on Dancing with Mars at his 18th convention. In meeting rooms and hallways there were classes on how to inspire and educate students.

Busch Gardens brought along a menagerie of exotic animals including a penguin, an iguana and a Eurasian owl. Hoping to get you to go visit Busch Gardens or Sea World or at least take a look at their classroom guides.

NSTA once again excelled at bringing together teachers and educators from around the world to network, inspire and educate each other for the betterment of the students whom they look after.

American Gas Safety LLC looks forward to next year where we can once again show off the Merlin 1000SW+ Educational Lab Utility Control Panel and all its safety features. Enabling teachers to be protective and safe both for themselves and their pupils and their buildings.

For more information call our sales office on (727)608-4375 or check out the website.


Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone…..

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Remember those hot and humid days at school, where your eyelids felt heavy and you couldn’t concentrate. I used to blame it on the boring old teacher, or the fact it was such a lovely day outside. Well now we know different.  Hundreds of studies have investigated the effects of bad ventilation in classrooms and the effect on student school work performance.

sleeping kids
See link for more info. Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Most studies tend to concentrate on the CFM (cubic feet per minute) of the ventilation, or ACH (air changes per hour). But what are they changing out? What is being ventilated away from the students? Read More