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2018 promised and excelled to be the best year yet over at the ASPE EXPO in Atlanta. We were literally rushed off our feet from start to finish and would like to thank everyone who attended our booth.

We had a number of engineers very impressed with the simple installation and the versatility of our product range. Our Merlin range can be used for all types of applications not just Labs, such as Mechanical Rooms, Fire Pits, Commercial Kitchens, Gas BBQ’s,  Fire Houses etc.

We also had the chance to promote our new and improved Gas Detectors with a complete revamp design that is not only modern but also provides a quick installation & a TFT screen user interface (pictured above). The new TFT gas detectors can be used in various different applications such as boiler rooms, science labs, commercial kitchens & many more! A main improvement on our new detectors is that they give the user the ability to physically view the ppm levels of the gas being detected without having to rely on handheld equipment.

If you are designing any Commercial Projects when a GAS pipe is entering the premises, we have the Safety systems to ensure the building and occupants are safe from any leaks. Please browse though our complete product range and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to make contact. or (727)-608-4375.

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