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Dozens of people were overcome by carbon monoxide at a church in midtown Manhattan on Tuesday, some pass out. They were loaded into an ambulance wearing oxygen masks, reports CBS2’ Lisa Rozner.

Authorities say the high carbon monoxide levels appeared to be caused by a malfunctioning motor from the stove ventilation hood inside the church community room, where seniors gather every day for Meals on Wheels and activities. Sources say Encore Community Services rents out the basement. They provide meals and activities for seniors and typically feed 200 people a day.

These incidents are unfortunately a common occurrence, every year, at least 430 people die in the U.S. from accidental CO poisoning and approximately 50,000 people in the U.S. visit the emergency department each year due to accidental CO poisoning. AGS have designed & manufactured the perfect solution, the AGS Mini Merlin, a standalone dual gas sensor which on the detection of Carbon Monoxide or any Gas leaks (Nat Gas or LPG) will shut off the Gas to the building protecting the people and the Building from the silent CO.


For less than $500 dollars we can protect your building, restaurant or residence. Giving you peace of mind that any poisonous or explosive gases will be isolated immediately. The TFT color display provides clear indication the dangerous levels of gas detected, life span and remote shut down.

The AGS Mini Merlin is designed to not only to alert the occupant of danger but to actually shut down it down unlike anything else on the market. The problem with off the shelf CO monitors is they are very cheaply made and majority of the time run out of batteries or the internal detector degrades. The Mini merlin is line voltage and has commercial grade detectors complete with alcohol filters for no false alarms. After a 5 year life span the Mini Merlin will alert the occupant that the sensor needs replacing. Another feature is the alarm freeze indication. Example: You call out the fire department to a CO alarm, they have no indication of the Carbon monoxide levels? However the Mini Merlin will keep the alarm levels on the sensor so the fire department or plumber can determine what level of gas has leaked.

Example installations are below:

Commercial Boilerhouse

Commercial Boilerhouse

Residential Boilerhouse

Residential Boilerroom

For further information on our Mini Merlin refer to our datasheets or alternatively contact our offices today. / (727)-608-4375