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Science laboratories are hubs of experimentation and innovation, where students and researchers alike delve into the mysteries of the natural world. However, amidst the pursuit of knowledge, it’s crucial to prioritize safety, especially when it comes to handling potentially hazardous materials like gases. Gas pressure proving systems play a vital role in ensuring the safety of science laboratories by monitoring gas pressure and detecting leaks before they escalate into dangerous situations.

Understanding Gas Pressure Proving:

Gas pressure proving is a proactive safety measure employed in science laboratories to verify the integrity of gas supply systems. These systems continuously monitor gas pressure to ensure it remains within safe operating parameters. In the event of a pressure drop indicating a leak or malfunction, the system triggers an alarm and initiates emergency shutdown procedures to prevent potential hazards.

Providing pressure drop analysis on the gas train upon each activation ensures all gas taps and appliances are closed and in the off position before allowing gas into the space. The pressure drop test also ensures all pipe work is intact and free from fault or damage.

The Dangers of High and Low Gas Pressure:

High gas pressure in laboratory gas lines can lead to leaks, ruptures, and explosions, posing severe risks to personnel and property. Conversely, low gas pressure can compromise experiments, disrupt workflows, and even cause asphyxiation in extreme cases. Studies have documented numerous incidents of gas leaks and explosions in laboratories, highlighting the critical need for robust safety measures like gas pressure proving systems.

The AGS Range:

AGS offers a range of gas pressure proving systems designed specifically for science laboratories to enhance gas safety in these spaces. This advanced system not only provides quick emergency shutdown capabilities but also includes auto time-out features and gas leak detection functionality. With its integrated gas pressure proving capabilities, the Merlin 1000S range ensures that gas supply systems are continuously monitored for safe operation.

The AGS solutions are already protecting hundreds of academic properties across the United States. With over 20 years of experience manufacturing and developing a complete line of high quality gas safety systems that are UL certified and designed to meet all the relevant NFPA & ICC codes and standards, we can help you design safe and code compliant projects.


In science laboratories, safety is paramount. Gas pressure proving systems like the Merlin 1000S range from AGS play a crucial role in safeguarding personnel, property, and experiments against the dangers of gas leaks and pressure fluctuations. By implementing proactive safety measures and investing in advanced solutions, educators can create environments that foster exploration and innovation while prioritizing the well-being of everyone involved. Contact American Gas Safety or your local representative here for further information.