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Introducing American Gas Safety’s Pre-Assembled Solutions

In the realm of laboratory safety and efficiency, precision and reliability are paramount. American Gas Safety (AGS) strides ahead in this domain with its innovative range of pre-assembled solenoid valve enclosures and electrical contactor enclosures. These purpose-built solutions not only streamline installation processes but also enhance long-term reliability, setting a new standard in laboratory utility control.

Solenoid Valve Enclosures: Plug and Play Installation

AGS’s pre-assembled solenoid valve enclosures redefine convenience in laboratory gas, air, or water control installs. Crafted by AGS engineers and mounted on galvanized steel struts, these enclosures feature one to three solenoid valves, each equipped with manual isolation valves and wye-strainers if necessary. The inclusion of unions extending from the strut ensures swift and effortless installation, with water connections utilizing press-fit connections and gas connections adopting NPT threading.

With every component rigorously reviewed and tested, AGS guarantees consistent and enduring performance. Field engineers can now significantly reduce installation times, translating to tangible cost savings. Whether in science laboratories or other commercial settings, the plug-and-play nature of these enclosures simplifies operations and enhances overall efficiency.

Electrical Contactor Enclosures: Simplifying Electrical Control

Complementing AGS’s Merlin Utility Controllers, the AGSCON enclosure series revolutionizes electrical control applications. Engineered in-house by AGS’s technical team, these enclosures offer a purpose-built solution for specifying engineers and field technicians alike. By eliminating the need for on-site assembly, AGS slashes installation times and ensures seamless integration with electrical supplies.

In Texas, particularly in school laboratories, AGS’s pre-assembled electrical contactor enclosures have become a staple solution. With everything required for setup provided, including the necessary poles, these enclosures epitomize efficiency and reliability in electrical control applications.

Science Laboratory Utility Controllers: Setting the Benchmark

Beyond individual components, AGS’s comprehensive range of science laboratory utility controllers stands as a testament to excellence. UL listed 61010 for its application and ADA compliant, these controllers boast a myriad of features designed to optimize safety and functionality.

Key features include original gas pressure proving technology, ensuring leak-free operations from startup to shutdown. Additionally, keyed authority over utilities prevents unauthorized tampering, while automatic timeout and emergency shutdown functionalities enhance safety protocols.

For further information contact American Gas Safety or your local representative.