Merlin 500S+ Panel

Product Description

The Merlin 500S+ is a two zone isolation panel with two outputs: UTILITY 1 & UTILITY 2.

The 500S+ is designed to provide an effective way of isolating gas, water, electricity, oil, compressed air etc. by means of a key switch on the panel or by the operation of the emergency shut off button.

The key operated 500S+ product carries a 3 Year AGS warranty and is fully supported by our technical team. The 500S+ has a fascia mounted emergency shut off button fitted as standard and the fascia mounted LEDs give simple and concise information to the operator. The panel is fully compatible with AGS remote emergency stop terminals allowing a large number of EPO terminals to be connected in series and wired back to the panel. The 500S+ can be integrated with a BMS and fire alarm via a low voltage dry contact.

The 500S+ is an excellent dual isolation panel. Simple to fit with little maintenance required and is covered by the full support that comes with the entire range of Merlin products.

• Can Utilize a number of Utilities via the two isolation keys
• Easy to install – The use of clearly marked PCB connections, low voltage wiring and push-fit wiring connections makes the 500S very simple to install.
• BMS & Fire Alarm connection
• Will accept remote EPO buttons
• Clear LED display for system indications
• Covered by American Gas Safety 3 year warranty. 

• Height – 4.4 inch
• Width – 6.4 inch
• Depth – 2.4 inch