Carbon Monoxide ParkSafe Detector

Product Description

The AGS PS range of detectors work in combination with the AGS ParkSafe, a Gas Detection & Ventilation Controller specifically designed for Parking Garage CO & NO2 monitoring. The AGSCO2PS features a electrochemical sensor for industrial and commercial indoor applications. Compact, modern, digital design makes the units aesthetically pleasing and easy to install.

For further information on our Merlin gas detectors please refer to our product data sheet.

• 24VDC Powered (Controlled by the ParkSafe)
• Traffic Light Indication
• Plug & Play Installation
• Used With The ParkSafe Controller
• BMS Communications
• Up To 16 Detectors Can Be Linked Together
• End of Life & Annual Service Reminder (Displayed On ParkSafe Controller)
• Covered by American Gas Safety LLC 3 year warranty

• Height – 4.92 inch
• Width – 3.15 inch
• Depth – 1.38 inch