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Lake Sumter State College have now installed multiple Merlin 1000SW+i utility systems in their science classrooms

Over the past few weeks huge refurbishments have taken place across the college, including the Health Science building where our Merlin 1000SW+i have been installed. This work was carried out by a company named S I Goldman, a mechanical contractor based in Longwood Florida who have done an excellent job in installing our equipment.

The system installed is our Merlin 1000SW+i, which controls Gas, Water and Electric within the science laboratories. This system has built in connectivity allowing the panel to communicate with the schools BMS and has connections for the buildings existing fire alarm system. The panel can either tell the BMS that the gas is “ON” or “OFF” or with the flick of a switch on the internal control panel it can tell the BMS that the panel has gone into “Alarm”, high concentrations of CO2, gas leak detected or that an EM stop has been actuated. An example of one of the rooms where our Merlin 1000SW+i is installed at the LSSC is pictured below.

For more information on our Merlin range of utility controllers, please see our website or call the office on (727)608-4375 where one of our sales team will be more than willing to help.