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A KFC restaurant in North Carolina was blown to bits early Thursday morning.

At 12:33 Thursday morning, everything was fine. In a flash, the building was gone.

A KFC employee, who was closing the restaurant, told police that he and others could smell gas so the manager tried to turn off the nozzle and called the gas company. Shortly after “there was a huge glare of light and then just debris everywhere” said an unnamed witness.

“I felt it several miles away and I understand it was felt even further away. It was big explosion for sure,” said Mayor Neville Hall. “The gas company is digging up the gas line to make sure the gas line to other businesses in the area are safe. As they do that, they’ll begin to remove the debris to see if they can go in and find the exact spot of the potential leak to determine the cause. It could take several days to get to the bottom of it.”

American Gas Safety provides a simple solution, the Merlin 2000S which is a gas pressure proving & ventilation interlocking system that continuously checks the gas line for abnormalities such as gas leaks and pressure drops. In the event of this occurring, the Merlin 2000S will automatically shut down the gas supply preventing gas explosions like this from ever happening. Our Merlin controllers will detect any Methane leaks and it will also not allow gas into the restaurant without the exhaust hood running. Plus, in the event of a fire can be linked into the Ansul system and Fire Alarm.

Luckily this time nobody was killed, this could of been a whole lot worse.















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