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Everyone is aware of the common risks that come with working in a kitchen. Something could catch fire, a glass could break, or an appliance could malfunction, to name a few. However, even when everything is working properly there are still major health risks with the act of cooking itself. All over the world, people are continually cooking in order to provide a hot meal. Unfortunately, they do it unaware of the tremendous risks to which they are exposing themselves.


We all know a commercial kitchen can be a cold environment with Stainless steel, tiled floors and open vents. A study has found that a number of kitchen staff will turn on the cooking appliances without activating the exhaust fan. The kitchen then quickly warms up, however without ventilation you are increasing your exposure to carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases. Without the exhaust fan active, kitchen staff can breathe in the fumes and this has led to a surge in throat cancer cases.

American Gas Safety have developed a system which will ensure the Exhaust Fan is operational until gas is released to the cooking appliances. Our systems monitor the exhaust fan with either an Air Switch in the Duct or a Current Monitoring device to determine there is voltage going up to the fan. This will then prevent the Chef or Staff member from cooking until the exhaust fan is operational, resulting in a safer working environment.

The Merlin system also has the added features of Carbon Monoxide Detection, Methane Detection, LPG Detection, Carbon Dioxide Sensing and Remote Emergency Gas Shut off. Plus, in the event of a fire can be linked into the Ansul system and Fire Alarm.

Please click on the link below from more details and please don’t  hesitate to call the team on (727)-608-4375 or email if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.