AGS Reps

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American Gas Safety is represented in all states via our team of Manufacturers Reps. We are proud to have such loyal and professional representatives promote our range of Gas Safety controllers. They are also educating engineers the importance of protecting life within buildings from potential gas leaks or gas poisoning. Our Merlin range provides full protection on all the applications listed below:

  • Utility shut off controllers for Labs
  • Parking Lot NO2/Carbon Monoxide Detection and Fan Control
  • Gas Leak Detection in Mechanical rooms
  • Ventilation & CO Control in Kitchens
  • Fire Pit Gas Shut Off with Timer
  • Fire House Gas Kitchen and Grill Shut off
  • CO2 Monitoring in Work spaces or Classrooms
  • Gas BBQ Grill Control and Shut Off
  • EPO Buttons & Gas Solenoid Valves
  • Residential LPG and Carbon Monoxide Shut Off

If you are currently working on any of the above projects please do not hesitate to reach out to us or your local rep.

AGS Reps

Thanks again team for representing us. #gas #safety #familybusiness #manufacturersrep #team #engineers