Merlin GDP4 Gas Detection System

Designed for use in large boilers rooms (3 or more boilers)

The Merlin GDP4 is a four-zone gas detection panel which can be used in many applications, examples of these are Mechanical Rooms, Car parks, shopping malls and the most common being a boiler house application.

Many varieties of detectors are compatible with GDP4, e.g. Natural Gas, Carbon Monoxide, LPG and Oxygen depletion. Up to 12 detectors can be used in any combination. Also multiple heat detector links can be used, when wired in series.

The GDP4 can be integrated with a BMS, fire alarm and remote emergency buttons. Gas detectors are remote hardwired from the GDP4 panel.

Select the emergency button & gas solenoid valve size you require using the relevant tabs on the page. Please contact American Gas Safety or your local representative for further information.