Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

The AGSCO2i is a carbon dioxide electro-chemical detector and is typically used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with an AGS controller. CO2 is slightly lighter than air. The recommended position to mount the CO2 sensor is 5ft 6″ inches above ground level. When the sensor head detects carbon dioxide at a level exceeding 4500ppm for the attached system will trigger into the alarm state. This is re-settable by rectifying any gas leak, improving air flow allowing the sensor head to clear and restarting the Merlin panel.

For further information on our Merlin gas detectors please refer to our product data sheet.

• 24VAC or DC Powered
• Traffic Light Indication
• Built-In Audible Alarm
• Three Alarm Relay Outputs
• 0-10VDC Variable Output
• BMS/BAS standalone compatibility
• Various gas detector types available
• End of Life Reminder
• UL approved

• Height – 5.95 inch
• Width – 4.73 inch
• Depth – 1.97 inch

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