AGS Water Temperature Monitor (WTM)

The AGS Water Temperature Monitor (WTM) is carefully designed for health care facilities to monitor and control the water supply system. WTM will prevent scolding water going down the pipe and potentially burning the end user. The WTM incorporates a simple user interface to reset and/or silence alarm condition. Minimum and Maximum permitted water temperatures are configurable via the internal switch and fascia controls upon installation.

613.5 – Domestic Hot-Water Distribution Systems for Health Facilities and Clinics

Temperature control valves shall be provided to automatically regulate the temperature of hot water delivered to plumbing fixtures used by patients to a range of 105°F (41°C) minimum to 120°F (49°C) maximum. High temperature alarm set at 125°F (52°C) shall be provided. The audible/visual device for the high temperature alarm shall annunciate at a continuously occupied location.

SPS 382.50 Health care and related facilities

(b) 5. Water provided to patient showers, therapeutic equipment and all types of baths shall be installed with control valves which automatically regulate the temperature of the water supply to the fixture fitting outlet within a temperature range of 110°F to 115°F.
Such control valves shall automatically reduce flow to 0.5 gpm or less when the water supply to the fitting outlet exceeds 115°F or when loss of cold water pressure occurs.

• Automatic or Manual Control Over Water
• WTM Controller Will Isolate Water When Temperature Is Outside Of Allowable Min & Max Temperature Settings
• Adjustable Min & Max Temperature Settings Via Screen
• WTM Controller Power Supply – 110V ac or 24V ac/dc
• Water Solenoid Valve Control – 110V ac or 24V ac/dc
• 0-10V Analog Output Scaled To The PT100 Temperature Sensor
• Modern & Compact Design
• Manual Reset After Alarm Condition
• In-Built Audible & Visual Alarm
• Easily wall mounted and labeled PCB
• Covered by American Gas Safety LLC 3 Year Warranty

• Height –  5.95 inch
• Width –  4.37 inch
• Depth –  1.97 inch