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Christmas Jumper & Teddy Bears

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Our Chicago Representative Dan Gordon owner of “Thermal Applications Group” was over the moon to receive his very own “Manchester United Christmas Jumper” and “Teddy Bears” a Christmas present from AGS. Thank you for sending over the photo ūüôā

IMG_3139All of our Manufacturers Reps will be receiving there Teddy Bears over the next few days. From the AGS team we would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas !


ASPE EXPO Phoenix 2016

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AGS has finally caught up with all the visitors we had recently at the ASPE EXPO in Phoenix. We were literally rushed off our feet from start to finish and would like to thank everyone who attended our booth.

IMG_4014We had a number of engineers very impressed with the simple installation and the versatility of our product range. Our Merlin range can be used for all types of applications not just Labs, such as Mechanical Rooms, Fire Pits, Commercial Kitchens, Gas BBQ’s, ¬†Fire Houses etc. If you are designing any Commercial Projects when a GAS pipe is entering the premises, we have the Safety systems to ensure the building and occupants are safe from any leaks. Please browse though our complete product range and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to make contact. or (727)-608-4375

Explosion reported in NW Portland; 8 injured, including 3 firefighters

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On October 19th, a huge explosion has been reported from a restaurant in Portland that has destroyed the building and surrounding properties! This has apparently been ignited by a natural gas leak, ripping through a building on Wednesday along the popular Northwest 23rd Avenue shopping district, causing destruction and injuring eight people, including three firefighters, authorities said.

This could have been prevented by installing or specifying a Gas Safety system. Our Merlin controllers will detect any Methane leaks and it will also not allow gas into the restaurant without the exhaust hood running. The Merlin 1500S and 2000S are perfect for this situation. Allowing key lock authority over the gas supply to the kitchen and auto shut down of the supply if and when dangerous levels of Methane is present. Plus, in the event of a fire can be linked into the Ansul system and Fire Alarm.
2000S AGS (2)

If you are designing or upgrading any commercial kitchen please don’t hesitate to get in touch with AGS – or 727-608-4375

Official article –¬†

Fire House Protection

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American Gas Safety protects many environments with its modern solutions for gas safety. One such environment which you may not recognize as requiring such a level of safety is your local fire house. Turns out the guys and gals who spend their time protecting us need that little bit of security and safety built into their working environments.
Here’s the scenario; Team A is busy prepping work gear and generally preparing themselves for a long shift at the fire house. Someone is cooking the team’s meal, a nice hearty fuel enriched stew on the gas range in the kitchen.
The fire alarm annunciation signal goes off, everyone springs into action, with only the safety of the general public on their minds. Did someone forget to turn off the gas stove?


It happens much more often then you would think, but fires in fire houses is not uncommon. The Merlin range of gas safety and isolation panels has a solution.

The Merlin 1000Si and 1000S+i are perfect for this situation. Allowing key lock authority over the gas supply to the kitchen and auto shut down of that supply if and when the fire alarm annunciation signal is live. Coupled with detectors and remote knock off buttons we can protect the personnel whilst they go about protecting us.

We have created a CAD file to demonstrate the Merlin system and to form a basis for specification, the CAD file can be viewed at

Link the Merlin 1000Si or 1000S+i to a lockable knock off button or the Merlin CT500s and you can control and protect the stations outdoor grill with the same system.



For more information regarding the Fire House protection solution from AGS please contact your local representative. Tel: (727)608-4375

ASPE EXPO 2016 – Phoenix

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American Gas Safety are happy to announce we will be exhibiting at the 2016 ASPE Expo in Phoenix.


We will be located at booth number 131 and our interactive stand will be demonstrating the latest AGS Gas Safety products.

It would be great to catch up with old faces and new ones, so please pop down and receive a free gift.



Preventing Exposure to Carbon Monoxide from use of Solid Fuel in Commercial Kitchens

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AGS can provide guidance with regards the safe use of solid fuel appliances ‚Äď such as Smokers, Charcoal grills, Wood-fired pizza ovens etc within a commercial kitchen. It is our concern mainly with the risks associated with exposure to carbon monoxide gas. The risk to workers is well known but there have also been reports of carbon monoxide exposure involving members of the public. These cases involved exposure whilst dining and in residential properties neighboring commercial catering premises using solid fuel appliances.



We want to provide a solution to help restaurant owners protect members of the public as well as their workers. When solid fuel is burned, products of combustion, including carbon monoxide gas, are released. Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas with no taste, smell or color. Moderate exposure can lead to serious permanent ill-health effects or death. Children, pregnant women, smokers and people with heart or breathing problems are particularly at risk. The early signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are similar to common ailments such as flu or upset stomach, but can escalate very quickly. Symptoms can include: Headache; Abdominal pain; Nausea/vomiting; Chest pains; Breathlessness; Dizziness; Collapse. 

Charcoal Oven

Here at American Gas Safety we have a number of products to protect staff from the exposure of carbon monoxide within the commercial kitchen environment. We supply and manufacture Carbon Monoxide alarms, exhaust fan activation, visual Carbon Dioxide traffic light indication and much more. Please email or call our team at AGS for any further information or call (727)-608-4375 


Are You Aware of the Dangers of working in Commercial Kitchens?

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The commercial kitchen is a hazardous area that should be monitored for both toxic and combustible gas hazards. Whether propane or methane is used for combustion, a variety of cooking equipment present a constant flammable danger to workers. In addition to this, carbon monoxide, the by-product of incomplete combustion, can be present at unsafe levels. Without the exhaust fan in operation, you are exposing yourself to carbon monoxide, a gas that on average kills around 150 people per year according to the CPSC.

In a working environment you have a duty of care for all your employees’, so their safety and wellbeing should be the top priority. The law is very clear on who is responsible should the unthinkable happen.

commercial_kitchen_exhaust_systemAmerican Gas Safety has developed a system that ensures the Exhaust Fan is in operation before allowing gas to be released to the cooking appliances. Our system continuously monitors the exhaust fan with either an Air Flow Switch or a Current Monitoring device to determine there is voltage going up to the fan. By using one of our gas interlock systems, this will prevent the chef or staff member from cooking until the fan is operational, resulting in a safer working environment.

2000SFor extra safety, the Merlin system also has connections for Carbon Monoxide Detection, Methane Detection, LPG Detection, Carbon Dioxide Sensing and Remote Emergency Gas Shut off. The Merlin system also has added features for links to fire alarms and ansul systems.

Please click on the link below from more details and please don’t  hesitate to call the team on (727)-608-4375 or email if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

George Yardley Company join the AGS family

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We are happy to announce our new Man reps for California the “George Yardley Company”

In the picture above Sue Rogas, Rob Yardley, Lee Dempsey and Doug Miller.

Lee spent 2 days visiting 10 MEP engineering companies around California with the sales team. He demonstrated all of the AGS product safety features & ease of installation, which received nothing but positive feedback! One quote “This is an Awesome product and the future of Gas Safety”.

Whilst @ a MEP firm in Los Angeles Lee and Rob found some interesting seating in the reception area.

AGS has built some excellent relationships with Man reps over the last 18 months and is looking forward to the future with George Yardley Company.

If you are interested in becoming a Man Rep for American Gas Safety please feel free to get in touch.

I’m Ready For My Close-Up

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Today saw the filming of our new demonstration video get underway. The team took stills and video of a new installation near our headquarters and the final cut should be available at the beginning of May.

This is another example of how AGS listens to it’s partners and how we take feedback on board. It was decided that a promotional video for the Utility Control range would be of benefit to our representatives both as a demonstration tool and also as a training tool. Getting our message of gas safety in classrooms to more customers across the nation, faster than ever.

Merlin 1000SW+

Merlin 1000SW+

Once the final video is available it will be posted on our YouTube page and Twitter account for all to see. The video will give a brief history of the company and the range, the unique safety features and an in depth explanation of the pressure test function. Hopefully answering many common questions and providing another layer of confidence in the specifying engineer.


For more information on the Merlin Utility Control range visit our website at call the office on (727)608-4375

Can Cooking Kill You? The Risks of Working in a Commercial Kitchen.

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Everyone is aware of the common risks that come with working in a kitchen. Something could catch fire, a glass could break, or an appliance could malfunction, to name a few. However, even when everything is working properly there are still major health risks with the act of cooking itself. All over the world, people are continually cooking in order to provide a hot meal. Unfortunately, they do it unaware of the tremendous risks to which they are exposing themselves.


We all know a commercial kitchen can be a cold environment with Stainless steel, tiled floors and open vents. A study has found that a number of kitchen staff will turn on the cooking appliances without activating the exhaust fan. The kitchen then quickly warms up, however without ventilation you are increasing your exposure to carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases. Without the exhaust fan active, kitchen staff can breathe in the fumes and this has led to a surge in throat cancer cases.

American Gas Safety have developed a system which will ensure the Exhaust Fan is operational until gas is released to the cooking appliances. Our systems monitor the exhaust fan with either an Air Switch in the Duct or a Current Monitoring device to determine there is voltage going up to the fan. This will then prevent the Chef or Staff member from cooking until the exhaust fan is operational, resulting in a safer working environment.

The Merlin system also has the added features of Carbon Monoxide Detection, Methane Detection, LPG Detection, Carbon Dioxide Sensing and Remote Emergency Gas Shut off. Plus, in the event of a fire can be linked into the Ansul system and Fire Alarm.

Please click on the link below from more details and please don’t  hesitate to call the team on (727)-608-4375 or email if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.