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1 Dead and Several Injured after a Carbon Monoxide leak at hotel pool

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A teenage boy has died and 14 other people were hospitalized after guests at a southern Michigan hotel were found unconscious around an indoor pool due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The injured 14 were taken to a local hospital and upon arrival one person was ‘confirmed dead’ according to Jessica Hines, a spokeswoman for Lakeland Hospital. The Niles Police Department identified the deceased as 13-year-old Bryan Douglas Watts of Niles. Eight other children were taken to Memorial Hospital in South Bend, Indiana, police said. Three were released by Saturday evening and the other five were reported in good condition Sunday at noon.

Nile Fire Department Captain Don Wise attributed the incident to a faulty pool heater. “The ventilation system on the heater had issues. The exhaust was not functioning properly,” said Wise. “Our mechanical inspector verified that. The hotel is shut down until repairs are made.”

Police said that, when they arrived, carbon monoxide levels at the hotel were 800 parts per million, according to CNN Affiliate WBND-TV. US standards for carbon monoxide are 35 parts per million for a one-hour exposure.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas that is produced when a fuel is burned. When too much carbon monoxide is in the air, it can replace the oxygen in red blood cells and can also lead to tissue damage or death. According to the police, the hotel’s poolroom had no carbon monoxide detectors which we at American Gas Safety see as a life threatening risk.

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32 treated after Carbon Monoxide forces evacuation of NYC building

By | American Gas Safety

High levels of carbon monoxide spewed by a faulty oil burner that caught fire in the basement of a Lower Manhattan apartment building has sickened 32 people this Tuesday morning, according to the Fire Department.

All 12 stories of the building between Murray Street and Park Place, along West Broadway, were evacuated. The fire, which was reported around 8:30 a.m., grew to a two-alarm fire by 9 a.m. By mid morning, 25 fire vehicles and 106 firefighters were on the scene. The incident occurred in the basement of the Amish Market, a grocery store in the building.

This potentially life threatening incident could have been prevented by using one of our Carbon Monoxide Detectors, which will provide an audible and visual alarm if the levels rise to a dangerous level. Our Carbon Monoxide detectors will also close the gas solenoid valve preventing further use of gas in the building until the levels reach a safe level, therefore avoiding any additional safety hazards. For a full range of Utility control solutions please contact American Gas Safety direct or visit our website

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Lunch & Learn: Educating The Importance of Gas Safety

By | AGS, American Gas Safety

A fantastic turn out for the lunch & learn @ P2S Engineering in Long Beach CA. We educated over 30 engineers on the dangers of Gas in Commercial Kitchens, Labs and Mechanical Rooms. Our Merlin product range is the future of Gas Safety in North America.

We can offer national coverage on the dangers surrounding gas through a lunch & learn style meeting & demonstrate how our products can provide a solution to Gas Safety. For any further information or if you would like us to attend your offices please feel free to contact me

The Royal Seal of Approval

By | American Gas Safety

AGS are now protecting Windsor Castle, the Royal family home to British kings and queens for over 1,000 years.

We recently supplied our Merlin 1500S to protect the environment in the main kitchen from potential dangers of gas.


Our Merlin 1500S will ensure the exhaust hood is operational before allowing gas into the kitchen via solenoid valve. For added safety we can link in numerous Carbon Monoxide detectors ensuring a safe environment and link into the Ansul system. Please contact us for more details or click the following link for full info

48 Students Taken to Hospital after ‘Gas Smell’

By | American Gas Safety

Fourty-eight students and staff were taken to an area hospital after an elementary school in far south suburban Bourbonnais was evacuated on Thursday 16th March due to “a gas smell”

Noel LeVasseur Elementary School was evacuated about 2 p.m. as the fire department investigated the school. The school’s superintendent said the staff and students were transported to Riverside and St. Mary’s hospitals in Kankakee after having “minor headaches.”

By specifying an automatic gas shut off system this incident would have been resolved in seconds had a system been installed. For a full range of Utility control solutions please contact American Gas Safety direct or visit our website

Full details of the news coverage can be found on the following link

Off-Duty Firefighter Saves 30 Diners After Noticing Carbon Monoxide Leak in North Carolina Restaurant

By | AGS, American Gas Safety, Fire & Environment Safety

On December 14th Lonnie Wimmer, one off-duty North Carolina firefighter, ensured dozens of people happy and healthy holidays when he noticed signs of a potentially deadly carbon monoxide leak while dining at a restaurant over the weekend. Lonnie was attending a birthday party at the River Ridge Taphouse in Clemmons on Saturday when he and other patrons began to experience headaches and nausea, LFD Assistant Chief Steve Williams tells PEOPLE. After immediately calling the LFD and alerting them to what he deciphered was a carbon monoxide leak multiple ambulances responded, and all restaurant patrons were evacuated, Williams said. Around 30 people showed signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, with at least 16 transported to local hospitals.

At AGS we want to provide a solution to help restaurant owners protect members of the public as well as their workers. When solid fuel is burned, products of combustion, including carbon monoxide gas, are released. Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas with no taste, smell or color. Moderate exposure can lead to serious permanent ill-health effects or death. Children, pregnant women, smokers and people with heart or breathing problems are particularly at risk. The early signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are similar to common ailments such as flu or upset stomach, but can escalate very quickly. Symptoms can include: Headache; Abdominal pain; Nausea/vomiting; Chest pains; Breathlessness; Dizziness; Collapse.



American Gas Safety have a number of products to protect staff from the exposure of carbon monoxide within the commercial kitchen environment, such as our Merlin 1500S (pictured above). We also supply and manufacture Carbon Monoxide alarms, exhaust fan activation, visual Carbon Dioxide traffic light indication and much more. AGS products also cover residential properties by using our Mini Merlin, a combined methane & carbon monoxide detector & boiler rooms with our GDP range. Please email or call our team at AGS for any further information or call (727)-608-4375

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Christmas Jumper & Teddy Bears

By | American Gas Safety

Our Chicago Representative Dan Gordon owner of “Thermal Applications Group” was over the moon to receive his very own “Manchester United Christmas Jumper” and “Teddy Bears” a Christmas present from AGS. Thank you for sending over the photo 🙂

IMG_3139All of our Manufacturers Reps will be receiving there Teddy Bears over the next few days. From the AGS team we would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas !


ASPE EXPO Phoenix 2016

By | American Gas Safety

AGS has finally caught up with all the visitors we had recently at the ASPE EXPO in Phoenix. We were literally rushed off our feet from start to finish and would like to thank everyone who attended our booth.

IMG_4014We had a number of engineers very impressed with the simple installation and the versatility of our product range. Our Merlin range can be used for all types of applications not just Labs, such as Mechanical Rooms, Fire Pits, Commercial Kitchens, Gas BBQ’s,  Fire Houses etc. If you are designing any Commercial Projects when a GAS pipe is entering the premises, we have the Safety systems to ensure the building and occupants are safe from any leaks. Please browse though our complete product range and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to make contact. or (727)-608-4375

Explosion reported in NW Portland; 8 injured, including 3 firefighters

By | AGS, American Gas Safety, Kitchen Interlock

On October 19th, a huge explosion has been reported from a restaurant in Portland that has destroyed the building and surrounding properties! This has apparently been ignited by a natural gas leak, ripping through a building on Wednesday along the popular Northwest 23rd Avenue shopping district, causing destruction and injuring eight people, including three firefighters, authorities said.

This could have been prevented by installing or specifying a Gas Safety system. Our Merlin controllers will detect any Methane leaks and it will also not allow gas into the restaurant without the exhaust hood running. The Merlin 1500S and 2000S are perfect for this situation. Allowing key lock authority over the gas supply to the kitchen and auto shut down of the supply if and when dangerous levels of Methane is present. Plus, in the event of a fire can be linked into the Ansul system and Fire Alarm.
2000S AGS (2)

If you are designing or upgrading any commercial kitchen please don’t hesitate to get in touch with AGS – or 727-608-4375

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Fire House Protection

By | AGS, American Gas Safety, Fire & Environment Safety

American Gas Safety protects many environments with its modern solutions for gas safety. One such environment which you may not recognize as requiring such a level of safety is your local fire house. Turns out the guys and gals who spend their time protecting us need that little bit of security and safety built into their working environments.
Here’s the scenario; Team A is busy prepping work gear and generally preparing themselves for a long shift at the fire house. Someone is cooking the team’s meal, a nice hearty fuel enriched stew on the gas range in the kitchen.
The fire alarm annunciation signal goes off, everyone springs into action, with only the safety of the general public on their minds. Did someone forget to turn off the gas stove?


It happens much more often then you would think, but fires in fire houses is not uncommon. The Merlin range of gas safety and isolation panels has a solution.

The Merlin 1000Si and 1000S+i are perfect for this situation. Allowing key lock authority over the gas supply to the kitchen and auto shut down of that supply if and when the fire alarm annunciation signal is live. Coupled with detectors and remote knock off buttons we can protect the personnel whilst they go about protecting us.

We have created a CAD file to demonstrate the Merlin system and to form a basis for specification, the CAD file can be viewed at

Link the Merlin 1000Si or 1000S+i to a lockable knock off button or the Merlin CT500s and you can control and protect the stations outdoor grill with the same system.



For more information regarding the Fire House protection solution from AGS please contact your local representative. Tel: (727)608-4375