ASHRAE Academic Ventilation COVID-19 Guidance

Carbon Dioxide Air Quality Monitoring & Life Safety

Product Description

An ASHRAE document has recently been updated with new guidance when ventilating academic buildings, in order to reduce the spreading of COVID-19.

The Merlin CO2 TFT exceeds the guidance set out in the reopening of schools and universities document. The document discusses the use of carbon dioxide monitoring to give staff members or teachers an indication of ventilation rates in the area and if applicable, operate DCV systems dependent on CO2 levels in the occupied space. This guidance is necessary to protect public health, safety, and welfare.

The Merlin CO2 TFT Monitor features a TFT display to show the user a clear precise reading of the CO2 level in the room and also uses a traffic light colour system to indicate whether the air quality in the room is at a safe, adequate or dangerous level. The continuous CO² self-recalibration feature eliminates the need for routine maintenance.

The Merlin CO2 TFT can be used independently or can work in conjunction with one of our Merlin gas safety systems. In the event where the CO2 levels rise to a dangerous level, the Merlin CO2 TFT Monitor will sound an audible alarm to alert the user of the danger, automatically drive ventilation fans reducing CO2 & temperature as well as shutting off any connected utilities such as gas solenoid valves. An alarm condition can also be communicated to building management systems.

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Our Monitor is designed to comply with the ASHRAE reopening of schools and universities guidance and comes with a pre-calibrated setting to display the correct warning levels:

•  Green – 0-800ppm
•  Amber – 800ppm-1000ppm
•  Red – 1000+

• CO2 measured and displayed in parts per million (ppm).
• Temperature can be displayed in degrees Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F).
• 0-10V Signal Output progress bar display.
• Monitor, record and display average CO2 concentration over 8 hour periods.
• User friendly settings menu.
• Pre-alarm and alarm relay output.
• Fan controller enabled relay output.
• Dual power 110-240V AC or 24V AC.
• End of Life and Fault notifications for CO2 sensing element.
• Automatically switch between ventilation programs when gas is used.
• Ventilation Boost, Mute and Screen Wake Up button.

• Height – 5.5inch
• Width – 3.74inch
• Depth – 1.18inch