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Add me to your calendar !

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ASPE annual expo is this September 22nd – 23rd 2014 in Chicago. Celebrating 50 years of ASPE. This years expo is set to one of the biggest not just because of the extra celebratory activities but also because of the regional opportunities in the Chicago area. Earn almost one year’s worth of CEUs for your CPD re-certification whilst learning about new products. The expo brings together plumbing engineers, designers, specifiers, and contractors can learn about the latest plumbing products, services, and design techniques. Read More

We’re going to Miami !

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Next week see the start of the AIA Florida chapter annual conference and trade show. Centered on the theme “Creating Community” and being held at the Trump National Doral Miami Resort, the convention committee has brought together a unique set of programs and speakers to explore the connections between architecture and our communities. The lead speaker is AIA National President-Elect, Elizabeth Chu Richter, FAIA who will discuss the place of architecture in our changing world. She will be joined by Steve Dumez, FAIA of Eskew+Dumez+Ripple will who will share how their New Orleans-based firm developed a community-focused culture that earned them recognition as the 2014 AIA National Firm of the Year and Ellen Dunham-Jones, AIA, co-author of Retrofitting Suburbia; Urban Design Solutions for Redesigning Suburbs, will be on hand to present timely insight into the creation of community assets that promote healthy and sustainable living through architecture. Read More

Communication is Key!

By | American Gas Safety, Laboratory Control

All American Gas Safety panels have built in connectivity. Let’s take a look at how this helps the mechanical engineer when specifying a classroom utility control.

The Merlin 1000SW+ which controls Gas, Water and Electricity whilst also testing the gas pressure before and during operation has built in connectivity allowing the panel to communicate with the schools BMS and has connections for the buildings existing fire alarm system. The panel can either tell the BMS that the gas is “ON” or “OFF” or with the flick of a switch on the internal control panel it can tell the BMS that the panel has gone into “Alarm” or “shutdown” mode due to low pressure, high concentrations of CO2, gas leak detected or that an EM stop has been actuated. Read More

Control The Damage!

By | American Gas Safety

School vandalism is becoming more and more of a concern in rural areas. Once an issue for the inner city’s this trouble-sum problem is spreading to the more vulnerable and less guarded rural high schools. Hard to anticipate and even harder to protect from, vandalism is a real concern. Its aftermath causes distress to both pupils and educators alike and can cause actual bodily harm when the vandalism in question damages the schools infrastructure. The cost can be heavy both in mental anguish and in dollars. Preventing the cost of the damage to infrastructure escalating and preventing the vandalism causing even further delays to teaching is a priority when deciding on classroom utility controls. Making sure a broken pipe or smashed control box does not lead to school wide shut down and further damage through leakage is paramount. Stopping a hour long vandalism spree causing a month long shutdown is of uttermost importance.


The Merlin 1000sw+ utility control will automatically shut down the classroom’s utilities overnight even if the attendant forgets to turn them off. A built in adjustable time-out function allows for the utilities to shut down after 2, 5 or 8 hours and can be overridden if plans change. The Merlin 1000sw+ also tests the incoming gas supply whilst the gas valve is open and if the pressure drops below 12mb for more than 10secs the gas valve will be shut.

Combining these special safety functions with the units connectivity to existing  building controls and fire alarms makes the Merlin 1000sw+ hard not to specify. It protects the educator, the pupils and the school itself. Even when schools not in session the Merlin 1000sw+ is working to protect all.

For more information about the Merlin range of utility controls see our website American Gas Safety or call the office on (727)608-4375 where one of our sales team will be more than willing to help.



NSTA Boston 2014

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Last week saw the NSTA National Conference roll in to Boston. Offering teachers and educators the latest in science content, teaching strategy, and research to enhance and expand their professional growth. Along with the exhibit hall there were workshops and educational sessions, celebrity talks and renowned speakers sharing their knowledge.

Mayim Bialik from “Big Bang Theory” fame opened the show with her talk on the power of one teacher, her story of how she was inspired to enter science. Bill Nye “the science guy” spoke on Dancing with Mars at his 18th convention. In meeting rooms and hallways there were classes on how to inspire and educate students.

Busch Gardens brought along a menagerie of exotic animals including a penguin, an iguana and a Eurasian owl. Hoping to get you to go visit Busch Gardens or Sea World or at least take a look at their classroom guides.

NSTA once again excelled at bringing together teachers and educators from around the world to network, inspire and educate each other for the betterment of the students whom they look after.

American Gas Safety LLC looks forward to next year where we can once again show off the Merlin 1000SW+ Educational Lab Utility Control Panel and all its safety features. Enabling teachers to be protective and safe both for themselves and their pupils and their buildings.

For more information call our sales office on (727)608-4375 or check out the website.


Versatility is King

By | American Gas Safety

Having a product in your arsenal that can satisfy many of your occupational dilemmas is a godsend. Saving you from having to drive back to the wholesaler. Where you know it will take at least half an hour to get served and that’s if they have what you need in stock. Turning your productive and efficient day into a headache and losing you valuable time and money.

The Merlin GSP range of gas detection panels has it all. Neatly wrapped up in one simple package is a Nat Gas detector with audible alarm and external alarm activation. Coupled with switching options to turn off incoming gas supplies or signalling external building management controls and fire alarms and with the ability to add on thermal links (heat sensors).

With a simple change of the  detecting sensor you can change a boiler house fire safety device into a classroom CO2 safety panel. Or take a factory work site CO detector and change it into a nursing home kitchen environment safety cutoff.


Its all in a days work for the Merlin GSP range of panels. Available in one, two and four zone models labelled PCB connections for easy installation and with one solenoid output and one 24v output for emergency beacons. Additional EM stops can be added in circuit to cover a larger area and give over ride functions to more users.

The Merlin GSP range of gas detection panels is a robust and reliable solution for a number of locations where the detection of gas is a high priority.

There is even a FAB1 panel which when used in conjunction with a Merlin GSP detection panel will allow the user to temporarily bypass the gas isolation. This feature is handy when  a fire alarm test is regularly carried out and the shut off of gas to boilers and heaters is not desirable. Or in the case of a fire station, when the alarm sounds the GSP panel can shut off the gas to the kitchen stopping human error from leaving burners on, the FAB1 panel can temporarily over ride the shut off to continue the operation of the kitchen.

Having the Merlin GSP range of gas detection panels already in your van can and will save you trips to the wholesaler and it will also save you having to buy additional devices to perform the same tasks. Starting from $445.00 plus tax you really can’t go wrong. Call our sale department on (727)608-4375 or see our website for more details American Gas Safety


Are Your Loved Ones Safe?

By | American Gas Safety, Fire & Environment Safety

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. Although it is a by product of normal animal metabolism it is dangerous at high concentration levels. Carbon Monoxide is also generated by fossil fuel burning appliances like stoves, heaters and generators and its these appliances which we need to be careful of.

Even though there are rigorous code and regulations governing these appliances and their flue’s, it only takes a little human error or short sightedness or maybe a change in the weather to transform these appliances into deadly machines.


Recently, residents at a Grand Island, NY nursing home were evacuated from parts of their building after high levels of carbon monoxide were detected in the basement. According to Buffalo News, firefighters detected dangerous carbon monoxide levels of 350 to 400 parts per million in the basement near a boiler which provides hot water and heat to the two story building.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that carbon monoxide is the leading cause of unintentional poisoning deaths in the U.S every year. The gas is responsible for about 15,000 emergency room visits and 500 deaths.

The boiler at the Grand Island care facility was found to have a blocked exhaust flue. Blocked by snow. An unforeseen result of the days heavy snow fall.

Luckily, no one was injured or needed further aid at the nursing home and the high levels of carbon monoxide were confined to the basement. The snow blocking the exhaust of the poisonous gas was removed and fans were employed to help dissipate the room.

Early warning is vital when dealing with carbon monoxide and the immediate shut-off of the supply of the poisonous gas is advantageous. American Gas Safety’s GSP range of gas safety panels, when combined with the digital CO detectors will immediately sound an alarm, shut-off the incoming gas supply to appliances via a solenoid valve and even alert the buildings BMS or existing fire alarm system.

Most Carbon Monoxide poisonings happen in winter, as people are more likely to stay in confined spaces for longer periods of time and close ventilation with the intention of stopping drafts. Most states have laws and legislation to help with detection and prevention of CO poisoning but its always worth checking with your care facilities to see if their standard of detection and alarm is up to date and sufficient to protect your loved ones whilst they sleep. It only takes a question on your next visit and it could save the lives of your loved ones and others who resided at the facilities.

For more information on the life saving abilities of the Merlin GSP range of safety panels and the other products available from American Gas Safety please check out the website or give the office a call on (727) 608-4375


Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone…..

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Remember those hot and humid days at school, where your eyelids felt heavy and you couldn’t concentrate. I used to blame it on the boring old teacher, or the fact it was such a lovely day outside. Well now we know different.  Hundreds of studies have investigated the effects of bad ventilation in classrooms and the effect on student school work performance.

sleeping kids
See link for more info. Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Most studies tend to concentrate on the CFM (cubic feet per minute) of the ventilation, or ACH (air changes per hour). But what are they changing out? What is being ventilated away from the students? Read More