ITW David Speer Academy

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American Gas Safety is proud to announce the installation of four Merlin 1000SW+ Lab Utility Control panels. The panels will now protect the students and educators at the new ITW David Speer Academy in Chicago. The ITW David Speer Academy will be Noble’s first STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) campus among its network of 16 campuses. The doors will open this February to 300 students in the City of Chicago.  Speer Academy will focus on preparing students to graduate college with STEM degrees to meet our work force’s demands.


The Merlin 1000SW+ have been placed in the academy’s four science classrooms and will control the Gas and Water supplies. The Merlin panels were not only chosen for their modern digital design and ease of use, but also because they were easy to procure and install, saving the contractors time and money. Read More