Merlin CO2 Monitor for Laboratories

Product Description

AGS is recognized within the gas industry for providing a comprehensive range of low cost, high reliability gas detection for many applications.

The Merlin CO2 Monitor has a clear LED display to show the user a precise reading of the CO2 level in the classroom. The unit also uses a modern traffic light color system to show the user whether the air quality in the room is at a safe, adequate or dangerous level. The Merlin CO2 Monitor is a 110/120v hard wired unit and can be used independently or in conjuction with one of our Merlin interlock panels. In the event of high CO2 levels the Merlin CO2 Monitor would sound an audible alarm and signal the main Merlin panel to shut off the incoming gas supply via a solenoid valve. Merlin CO2 Monitors can also be wired in circuit to cover many zones or classrooms and be linked to one interlock panel for convenience and centralized control. The Merlin CO2 Monitor is covered by the American Gas Safety 3year warranty.

• Clear digital readings of the CO2 levels.
• Can work independently or in conjunction with Merlin Gas Interlock System
• Audible alarm alerts user of dangerous levels
• Can be easily wall mounted
• Easy Installation
• Traffic light warning system very easy to understand
• Covered by American Gas Safety LLC 3 year warranty.

• Height – 3.7 inch
• Width – 5.2 inch
• Depth – 1.3 inch